February 26, 2023 Military Aviation News

'American aircraft, this is the PLA Air Force': Moment Chinese fighter jet and guided-missile destroyer threaten U.S. reconnaissance aircraft in heart-stopping confrontation over the South China Sea as tensions between the nations escalate


A Chinese fighter jet together with a guided-missile destroyer warship in the South China Sea warned a U.S. military reconnaissance aircraft to turn away from Chinese airspace in a heart-stopping confrontation all caught on camera.

C-130 airlifter used to refuel an M1A2 Abrams tank for the first time


The 317th AW successfully passed fuel from a C-130 to an M1A2 utilizing an Emergency Response Refueling Equipment Kit, marking the first time in USAF history that a C-130 has been used to refuel an Abrams tank.

Air-To-Air Missiles Extend Combat Engagement: As Missiles Evolve In Range & Tech, Dogfighting Goes Down


The latest use of an Air-to-Air missile (AAM) was by the US Northern Command F-22 Raptor fighter jet launching an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile to take down a car-sized object flying above Alaska on February 10. The same combination of jet and missile destroyed the Chinese balloon on February 4. While there have been a few air combat engagements in the initial days of the war in Ukraine, missile usage is not clear.

Lightning ‘Strikes’ Asia: F-35 Fighters Proliferate In China’s Neighborhood As New Orders Mount With More In Pipeline


Singapore announced on February 24 that the country would purchase eight additional F-35B Lightning II fighter jets on top of the four for which a deal was signed in 2019. The announcement indicates that the F-35s are rapidly proliferating in China’s neighborhood.

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