November 06, 2018 Military Aviation News

Enough Eagles have landed for ops to begin


The Iraqi Air Force has now received sufficient Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) T-50IQ Golden Eagle advanced trainer/light combat aircraft to start operations with the type. A third batch of six aircraft arrived at the Martyr Mohammed Alaa Air Base at Baghdad International Airport on June 6, joining four aircraft delivered in two batches by March 2018. Iraq is due to acquire a total of 24 T-50IQs to equip two squadrons.

'We expect them to BEHAVE' US fury after Russia jet carries out DANGEROUS interception


A RUSSIAN fighter jet veered dangerously close to a US aircraft in a dramatic midair manoeuvre as tensions between Moscow and Washington escalate. The Su-27 fighter passed ahead of the US Navy EP-3 Aries, which was taking part in a NATO military exercise above the Black Sea on Monday. US Navy officials said the stunt put the aircraft crew at risk. The navy released a video showing the Su-27 turn sharply in front of the surveillance plane with its engines firing.

PLAAF shows off capabilities in Zhuhai static park


The Peoples’ Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has a large presence in this year’s static park at Airshow China in Zhuhai, including the public debut of a new operational type. The most notable PLAAF aircraft on display is an AVIC Wing Loong II UAV, which for the first time is appearing in the show in PLAAF markings. Moreover, it is in the PLAAF paddock, and was seen being attended to by air force technicians.

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