July 06, 2024 Military Aviation News

Washington offers the F-16V on leasing to establish itself in Thailand


The United States is increasing initiatives to try to place its F-16V or F-16 Block 70/72 fighter in the Pacific. After the Philippines, it is today to Thailand that Washington and Lockheed Martin have sent an offer relating to the ultimate version of the American single-engine fighter, to assert itself in the effort to modernize the fighter fleet of the forces Royal Thai Air Force.

Typhoon: next generation


When military aircraft first take to the skies, they often begin with an initial set of capabilities which transforms over time. This evolution follows a growth trajectory known as the capability growth curve, often resembling an S curve. Initially slow, these enhancements accelerate, marking the steep and most exciting part of the curve; showcasing the aircraft’s full potential.

European Nations Deploy Fighters to Indo-Pacific, Joined by USAF


Nearly 50 aircraft from the German, French, and Spanish air forces are embarking on a series of exercises across the Indo-Pacific region from June to August, with the U.S. Air Force jumping in on several as well. Dubbed ‘Pacific Skies,’ the massive deployment highlights Europe’s growing interest in the region, even as the war in Ukraine continues to dominate the continent.

Why the U.S. Needs To Upgrade Its Fighter Jets Now


As the war in Ukraine trudges on, the Pentagon no longer has to worry too much about Russia’s ability to compete militarily with the United States. Moscow’s new pact with North Korea, a reliance on Iranian drones, its inability to establish air superiority over Ukraine well after two years into the war, and the lack of vital components such as computer chips all signal Russian weakness.

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