May 12, 2024 Military Aviation News

How an Air Force F-22 Raptor Stealth Fighter Flew Under Iran's F-4 Undetected


The F-22’s pilot, operating undetected, had sidled right in. “He flew under their aircraft to check out their weapons load without them knowing that he was there,” then-Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said. Having determined the F-4’s payloads, the Raptor pilot finally alerted the Iranians to his presence.

Mini F-35? Turkey’s TAI TF Kaan Fighter Has Arrived


The first prototype of Turkey’s TAI TF Kaan fighter made its second test flight on May 6. According to the secretary of Turkish Defense Industries, the test flight went well. “Our National Combat Aircraft, which successfully made its first flight on February 21, took off from the runway at 08:46 this morning, stayed in the air for 14 minutes and reached an altitude of 10,000 feet,” Secretary Haluk Gorgun said.

Ukraine forces shoot down Russian Su-25 attack aircraft near Avdiivka


The 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade, named after General Marko Bezruchko, has successfully downed a Russian SU-25 attack aircraft in the Avdiivka direction, marking another significant achievement in aerial defense by Ukrainian forces. According to the General Staff, Russia has already lost 348 aircraft and 325 helicopters in its war against Ukraine. According to Ukrainian intelligence, at the outset of the full-scale invasion, Russia had approximately 1500 combat aircraft.

Russia's Su-35S Fighter Is Trying to Make a Comeback in Ukraine


Russian authorities have long touted the Sukhoi Su-35S (NATO reporting name Flanker-E”) as being among its most capable combat aircraft in widespread service—and this week, it was announced that the Kremlin received a new batch of the multirole fighters. According to a report by Russian state media, the new aircraft were produced by the Gagarin Aircraft Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and flew to a deployment airfield after passing ground and flight trials.

Ukraine's pilots are flying high-risk 'wild weasel' missions first developed in the Vietnam War by the USAF, says defense analyst


Pilots in Ukraine's Soviet-era airforce, a fraction of the size of Russia's, are using a tactic first developed by the US Air Force to contest the skies above the 600-mile frontline. Videos in recent months appear to show Ukrainian pilots conducting so-called "wild weasel" missions.

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