April 21, 2024 Military Aviation News

House passes contentious Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan aid package


The House on Saturday passed military aid bills for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, more than six months after President Joe Biden initially submitted his massive foreign aid request to arm all three security partners. The roughly $95 billion package includes $48 billion in Ukraine security aid.

Portugal confirms that it has begun its transition to the F-35 and indicates bad news for Spain


The announcement made by General Cartaxo in that interview implies that Portugal is ahead of Spain in the acquisition of a fifth generation fighter, since until now the Spanish government has not given any news indicating its possible intention to acquire the F-35, not even to replace the Harrier II of the Spanish Navy, for which there is no other possible substitute on the market at present.

Portuguese F-16 fighters intercepted two aircraft from the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Baltic Sea


In a new episode in the Baltic Sea region, Portuguese Air Force F-16 fighters, as part of their Air Policing Mission, conducted the interception of two aircraft from the Russian Aerospace Forces. This new incident was reported by NATO’s Air Command, adding to the long list of similar episodes recorded between combat aircraft of NATO members and Russian forces.

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