November 20, 2023 Military Aviation News

British intel: Russia will likely bring the Soviet-era M-55 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft back into service


According to British Intelligence, Russia is likely considering bringing the Soviet-era M-55 MYSTIC B high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft back into service to rectify a critical failure to establish an adequate Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) capability.

Taiwan reports increased Chinese military drills nearby


Taiwan has reported renewed Chinese military activity including nine aircraft crossing the sensitive median line of the Taiwan Strait and warships carrying out “combat readiness patrols”. Democratically governed Taiwan, which China claims as its own territory, has complained for the past four years of regular Chinese military patrols and drills near the island, as Beijing seeks to pressure Taipei over its sovereignty claims.

Ukraine’s Air Force says F-16 fighter jets will turn the tide of war with Russia


F-16 fighter jets will change the course of the war very seriously, as they will help push back Russian aircraft and cover Ukrainian ground troops from the air, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman said on Sunday. “I would like to argue with all the critics of this jets issue. The planes will change the course of the war and they will change it very seriously,” Yurii Ihnat said as cited by state news agency Ukrinform.

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