February 03, 2023 Military Aviation News

Stunning ‘Kill Rate’ In Ukraine, Germany To Include IRIS-T Systems In Its $18.5B Missile Defense Shield Program


According to a defense ministry paper accessed by Reuters, Germany intends to buy eight IRIS-T air defense systems for its armed forces. The defense deal is listed as one of several planned purchases anticipated to be submitted for approval to parliament in the second quarter of 2023.

US, India seek joint production of GE jet engines for HAL’s combat aircraft


President Joe Biden’s administration has promised to fast-track the approval the General Electric Company of the United States sought to produce in India the engines to power the combat aircraft manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. The Biden Administration also agreed to work with the American Congress to lower the barriers for the export of High-Performance Computing technology and source code from the US to India.

53rd Wing’s MUSTANGS: the future of agile data capture and ACE capability


The 59th Test and Evaluation Squadron hit major milestones in the development and testing of their Multi-Utilization Secure Tactical and Network Ground Station, or MUSTANGS, through its recent participation in Pacific Edge 22. During the exercise, MUSTANGS proved its ability to process, curate, and send F-35A Lightning II data over-the-horizon to a reprogramming laboratory, all in a matter of minutes.

Air Guard Updates 148th Fighter Wing F-16s with Radar Pods


Subject matter experts from Air Combat Command, Air Force Materiel Command, the Air National Guard, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Reserve Test Center and the 148th Fighter Wing exercised end-to-end employment of the recently fielded AN/ASQ-236 radar pod and planned how the Air National Guard will operationalize the pods for all ANG F-16 fighter aircraft.

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