January 24, 2023 Military Aviation News

Turkish 'Bayraktar Kizilelma' UAV carries out second flight successfully (PHOTO/VIDEO)


The Turkish ‘Bayraktar Kizilelma’ (Red Apple Fighter) UAV has successfully completed the second flight, the Baykar Technology company told Trend. According to the company, the identification of unmanned combat aircraft systems was tested during the second flight. The ‘Bayraktar Kizilelma’ project was launched in 2021 and in less than a year, in record time, after one month of testing, the first flight took place.

The Air Force is swapping out Eielson’s aging fighter jets


The Air Force has begun replacing Eielson Air Force Base’s aging fleet of F-16’s with upgraded models of the fighter jet. The first two of the newer jets arrived last week. The two newer F-16 Fighting Falcons are both about 35 years old, a couple of years younger than the jets they’ll replace. More importantly, the incoming F-16s have avionics that were updated five years ago, nearly a decade after then the old jets got their last upgrade.

Norway to continue Nato’s Air Policing mission in Iceland


The Nato Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) has announced that Norwegian F-35 aircraft have been certified to continue their Air Policing mission in High North region. Provided by Nato’s Combined Air Operations Centre in Uedem, Germany, the certification will allow the Norwegian forces to continue the Air Policing task until February.

F-16 Modernization Increasingly Important For Turkey As Greece Gradually Gains Unprecedented Airpower Advantage


Turkey is gradually coming to terms with the reality that the Greece's air force could soon field a more technologically advanced fighter fleet in just a few years. "If our project to modernize the F-16 aircraft fails and Greece realizes its own projects, the Greek side will gain the upper hand in terms of combat aircraft in 2025," said retired Turkish Air Force commander General Abidin Unal. "Therefore, our program to procure 40 F-16 Viper aircraft and modernize up to 80 F-16s is vital."

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