January 23, 2023 Military Aviation News

Apparently, Russia has arms: amid Ukraine war, it supplies to Africa


Apparently, Moscow has no intention of severing military-political ties established years ago, but against the background of its war with Ukraine. Last Friday showed similar intentions. On January 19, Mali received a new arms shipment from Russia. Training aircraft used as light attack aircraft, helicopters, and fighter aircraft. Although the weapon is Soviet-era and quite outdated, it raises questions about the stockpiles of the Russian Federation.

Nigeria Expecting Delivery of 27 Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters to Boost Fight against Terrorism


Nigeria’s Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Oladayo Amao, on Saturday said the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) was expecting the delivery of additional new platforms, which President Muhammadu Buhari approved for the service. Amao, who made the disclosure during an operational visit to the Nigerian Air Force Institute of Safety and 209 Quick Response Group, Ipetu-Ijesa, Osun State, stated that the NAF had effectively operationalised the usage of new and modern platform in the battlefield.

Ukraine is fighting for all of us. Now Europe must fight Putin too


Europe must fight. The realisation has been slow in coming. Yet almost one year after Russia invaded Ukraine, most western governments finally understand Kyiv’s war for survival is their war, too. It’s a fight to the death for Ukraine, but also for European democracy, rights and values. It’s a fight against the historical evils of fascism and imperialism embodied by Vladimir Putin, a dictator for our age.



Through this decade, the J-10CE and JF-17 Block-3 will form the new mainstay of the Pakistan Air Force’s (PAF) combat aircraft fleet. However, one can readily guess that the J-10CE and JF-17 will make up a “high-low mix” – i.e., a combination of a larger, “high-end” fighter complemented by a smaller, “low-end” fighters in greater numbers. In fact, with every generation, the PAF had always built a high-low mix, at least since the start of its own jet age when it inducted both the F-86 and F-104.

Beyond Su-35s: The Russian Helicopters And Missile Systems Iran Might Soon Acquire


Iran expects to receive the first of the 24 Su-35 Flanker-E fighter jets it ordered from Russia as soon as Mar. 21, the Persian New Year. Tehran also claims it has ordered helicopters and missile systems. Shahriar Heidari, a member of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, told Iranian state media that Iran has ordered other Russian military equipment, including helicopters, air defense systems, and other missile systems, and expects to receive them soon.

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