November 25, 2022 Military Aviation News

Pilots hired to help China understand how western planes operate


China has recruited more than 30 former British military pilots including those who have flown sophisticated fighter jets. UK's Defence Ministry said that they are being recruited to train pilots of the Chinese Army. Chinese plans to counter the West and in the worst-case scenario, of a conflict, say over Taiwan, will then have prior knowledge of Western tactics as far as the air war is concerned, reported The HK Post.

Technical Problems Ground Myanmar’s JF-17 Fighter Jets Bought From China


Most of the newly acquired Chinese and Pakistan-made JF-17 fighter jets that the Myanmar regime has taken delivery of have been grounded due to technical malfunctions, according to analysts and former Myanmar Air Force pilots who monitor the junta’s air capabilities. The JF-17 fighters—lightweight multi-role combat aircraft jointly manufactured by China and Pakistan—that the Myanmar Air Force has added to its fleet have structural cracks and other technical issues, they told The Irrawaddy.

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