November 12, 2022 Military Aviation News

Strangely, Russian Su-30s remain underemployed in Ukraine


Before Russia decided to begin its “special operation” against Ukraine, the Su-30 was one of the most widely used and widely sold military aircraft in the world; it was a true ‘contract’ machine. However, as of the end of February 2022, there has been complete silence at Sukhoi, and especially at its parent corporation UAC, regarding anything and everything that is connected to the Su-30 Flanker-C. Instead, Russia focuses on the Flanker-E variant of the Su-35.

Analysis: North Korea’s other missiles: Salvaged debris shines light on aging air defences


The recovery of a Soviet-era anti-aircraft missile after a recent North Korean launch shows the age of the nuclear-armed country's air defences - systems and aircraft Pyongyang has been working to modernize alongside the rest of its arsenal. Although North Korea’s ballistic missiles get most of the attention, the country has been quietly pouring resources into trying to find ways to counter stealth fighters, analysts say.

Russia Sends MiG-35 Fighter Jets To China As ‘Falling Fulcrums’ Look To Gain Momentum In Export Sales


Nearly all advanced fighter jets in Russia’s arsenal are pressed into service in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict. While Moscow has not been able to achieve complete air superiority owing to Ukraine’s air defense, it has given the Ukrainian Air Force a hard time.

Challenging Rafale Jets, Turkey Develops Own AESA Radar For Its F-16 Fighters To Gain Superiority Over Greece


Turkey has unveiled its indigenously developed AESA radar that will be integrated into the F-16 fighter jets, among other manned and unmanned aircraft in the Turkish Air Force.

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