June 12, 2022 Military Aviation News

Russian military planes violate Swedish airspace in chilling new warning from Putin


A Russian signal reconnaissance plane and two Russian fighter planes entered Swedish civilian surveillance airspace north of Visby on Thursday without reporting the approach according to a source speaking to the Swedish press. The breach came as Swedish forces are currently participating in the annual naval exercise Baltops, where, among others, the amphibious ship USS Kearsarge visited Stockholm.

First-Ever F-35, J-20 Encounter — After A Near Miss, US ‘Replicates’ Chinese Stealth Fighters To Battle USAF Warplanes


Months after the Commander of the Pacific Air Forces of the USAF, General Kenneth Wilsbach revealed that the F-35 had a close encounter with China’s J-20 fighter jet over the East China Sea, the US Air Force is constituting an F-35 aggressor squadron to ‘replicate the threat emerging from China.’

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