January 05, 2022 Military Aviation News

Raytheon, US Navy talk EA-18G’s AESA radar providing jamming boost


Raytheon and the US Navy (USN) are looking to increase the jamming capability of the Boeing EA-18G Growler by also using the electronic attack aircraft’s APG-79 active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar. They have discussed updates that would give the Raytheon-made radar the ability to jam enemy transmissions. Such a capability would be in addition to the Growler’s payload of current and future jamming pods, including the USN’s trio of next-generation jammers.

South Korean F-35A Performs Belly Landing Due To ‘Avionic System Issues’


According to the report, the 5th generation aircraft was involved in a training mission when an avionic system issues forced the pilot to carry out a gear up landing at Seosan airbase, 151 kilometers southwest of Seoul. The emergency apparently marked the type’s first ever belly landing.

What does the future hold for Eurofighter Typhoon?


The Eurofighter Typhoon has served the Royal Air Force for nearly two decades. Developments around the UK Tempest concept and recent defence reviews have set the blueprint for the future of the air force and the spotlight falls once again on the Eurofighter Typhoon. Norbert Neumann explores the role and potential future of the aircraft.

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