October 17, 2020 Military Aviation News

Will China Roll out a Twin Seat J-20?


As the Chinese military’s first fifth-generation stealth fighter, the J-20 has attracted substantial enthusiast and media interest. One of the suggestions to make its way into online publication over the last year is the prospect of a twin-seat variant of the J-20 emerging at some stage soon.

Swedish Defense Bill Extends Gripen, Add New AEW Aircraft


The Swedish defense ministry published a 181-page document on October 14 that outlines a defense bill to be put before the Riksdag (parliament). Having gained cross-party support, the bill is scheduled to become law on Feb. 1, 2021. Known as Totalförsvaret (total defence) 2021-25, the bill covers the largest increase in defense spending in Sweden for many decades. Funding levels are to increase by SEK27.5 billion ($3.1 billion) compared with 2020.

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