September 16, 2020 Military Aviation News

Trump: ‘No problem’ selling F-35 jets to UAE


U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said he personally would have “no problem” selling the advanced F-35 fighter jet to the United Arab Emirates, despite objections from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “I would have no problem in selling them the F-35, I would have absolutely no problem,” Trump told Fox News in an interview ahead of a signing ceremony at the White House for agreements normalizing relations between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain later on Tuesday.

BAE Systems to provide additional EW systems for F-35 Lightning II


BAE Systems has won a contract to provide additional electronic warfare (EW) systems for F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter aircraft. Awarded by Lockheed Martin, the contract covers EW systems for Lot 15, Lot 16 long lead, sustainment spares and retrofit kits for the aircraft. This is expected to provide higher situational awareness and threat response capabilities, which will aid critical missions in disputed airspace.

The US Air Force has built and flown a mysterious full-scale prototype of its future fighter jet


The U.S. Air Force has secretly designed, built and flown at least one prototype of its enigmatic next-generation fighter jet, the service’s top acquisition official confirmed to Defense News on Sept. 14.

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