July 30, 2020 Military Aviation News

The F-15 "Japanese Super Interceptor" Eagle Is One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality


Boeing has completed a Direct Commercial Sale (DCS) agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) to implement upgrades to Japan’s F-15J Eagle fleet. The contract is part of the larger $4.5-billion modernization program that was announced by the U.S. Government in October 2019. Boeing says this DCS contract “lays the foundation” of the modernization program, although the Japanese government has not yet formalized the project.

Indian Navy Seeks Third Aircraft Carrier To Counter China In The Indian Ocean Region


The Indian Navy is seeking a third aircraft carrier and two new fighter squadrons to counter Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). In recent months, Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean Region has increased and the Indian Navy believes that a third aircraft carrier will help India contain China.

5 French fighter jets delivered to India in military upgrade


The first batch of five French-made Rafale fighter jets arrived at an Indian air force base on Wednesday, Indian officials said, as the country seeks to modernize its military amid security challenges with Pakistan and China. The planes landed at the airbase in Ambala in Haryana state amid tight security. Police and soldiers closed roads leading to the base, banned photography and enforced restrictions on gatherings of more than four people, police officer Abhishek Jorwal said.

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