December 01, 2019 Military Aviation News

Japanese Defense Min Goes Onboard Indian Su-30 Aircraft During Visit To IAF Base At Hindon


Japanese Defense Minister Kono Taro while on his visit to India arrived at the Hindon Airforce base on Saturday and went onboard the SU-30 MKI fighter aircraft. The Japanese Defense Minister and accompanying delegation were received by Air Marshal D Choudhury, Senior Air Staff Officer of Western Air Command and Air Commodore Rajiv Talwar at Air Force Station Hindan.

UAE To Support Kenya Air Force Aircraft


The United Arab Emirates’ Global Aerospace Logistics (GAL) has signed an agreement with the Kenya Air Force to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for its aircraft. GAL, part of the newly created Edge defence conglomerate, made the announcement during the Dubai Air Show last week. It said the Kenyan agreement is its first international contract.

Why Not Even Father Time Can Beat the F-15 Eagle


For nearly three decades, the F-15 Eagle fighter was considered the undisputed king of the skies. Until the debut of its replacement, the F-22 Raptor, the F-15 was the U.S. Air Force’s frontline air superiority fighter. Even today, a modernized Eagle is still considered a formidable opponent, and manufacturer Boeing has proposed updated versions that could keep the airframe flying for the better part of a century.

US Sending Ships to South China Sea to Teach Beijing, Not Fight It


An unusually strong surge of U.S. Navy activity this month in the South China Sea shows that Washington is trying to teach China a set of rules for operating in contested waters, official statements and scholars say. The Navy sent two ships into the Asian sea, which is increasingly controlled by China but disputed by five other countries, last week after China sent its first domestically produced aircraft carrier into the same waterway for research and testing.

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