November 21, 2019 Military Aviation News

Israel-Iran: Risk of an all-out conflict grows after Syria strikes


The Israeli Air Force's strikes against targets in Syria mark the latest stage in a developing struggle between Israel and Iran, one that inevitably risks a much broader conflict. Iran is eager to bolster its military footprint in Syria. Israel is just as eager to stop it.

Why The U.S. Needs To Invest More In Bombers


U.S. Air Force bombers represent a crucial capability needed to support the 2018 National Defense Strategy, with the range, payload, endurance, and resiliency to hold targets at risk anywhere and at any time. These long-range combat aircraft routinely deploy to both Europe and the Indo-Pacific to send a strong deterrent message to potential adversaries and reassure America’s allies.

Second pair of Su-30SM combat aircraft arrives in Belarus


Today, the fighters landed at the airfield of Baranovichi air base. In 2019, all the obligations to supply aircraft under the contract under the agreement between Russia and Belarus on the development of military and technical cooperation were fulfilled. Today, Su-30SM is considered one of the best fighters in the world. It has excellent characteristics. As it was previously reported, 12 such planes will be delivered to our country.

?PICTURES: China’s newest aircraft carrier docks at Hainan


China’s second aircraft carrier has docked at Yulin Naval base at the southern tip of Hainan Island, amid media speculation that it will soon be commissioned into Peoples’ Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) service.

US Army looks for autonomous medevac vehicles, including UAVs


The US Army is drawing up its roadmap for the future of medical care on the battlefield and is looking to autonomous vehicles, including unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), to support its medevac mission.

UAVs play outsized role in Iranian airpower: DIA


A US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) report has highlighted the importance of UAVs in Iran’s defence strategy, and the possibility of new fighter buys when United Nations sanctions end in 2020. “UAVs are Iran’s most rapidly advancing air capability,” says the report. “Iran uses these versatile platforms for a variety of missions, including ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) and air-to-ground strikes.”

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