November 12, 2019 Military Aviation News

Russia Is Trying to Jam the Air Force's F-35 Radar in Syria


Russian forces have been jamming GPS systems in the Middle East. The electronic-warfare campaign could affect U.S. forces gathering in the region in advance of potential strikes on Iran. “Since last spring, pilots flying through the Middle East, specifically around Syria, have noted that their GPS systems have displayed the wrong location or stopped working entirely,” The Times of Israel reported in late June 2019.

A familiar adversary emerges in Israel’s proxy war with Iran


It has often been said that Israel lives in a troubled neighborhood. Multiple regional wars and violent conflagrations with at least half a dozen regional states and armed groups certainly depict a country ill at ease with its neighbors.

?General Atomics to demonstrate MQ-9 maritime patrols for Europe


General Atomics Aeronautical Systems plans to demonstrate its MQ-9 Guardian unmanned air vehicle’s (UAV) maritime patrol surveillance capabilities for European nations in December. The company is working with the Greek air force to conduct several demonstration flights from the Greek air base of Larissa, it says in a media release on 11 November. General Atomics also plans to showcase its detect-and-avoid system, which helps the UAV fly near civilian or other manned aircraft without risking col

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