October 11, 2017 Military Aviation News

ANALYSIS: Fire and fury, the next Korean air war


Despite the ramshackle nature of North Korea's military, allied air forces would have a long, tough fight. In addition to eliminating North Korea's obsolete air force, they will be tasked with several urgent missions in what will probably be a fast escalating conflict. The list includes “decapitation” missions against senior leaders, shutting down North Korea's bristling air defence network and destroying artillery hidden in mountainous terrain north of Seoul.

BAE Systems reveals Qatar Hawk order amid cutbacks


BAE Systems has revealed a tentative order from Qatar for six examples of its Hawk trainer, but the manufacturer is cutting output of the type, as well as of the Eurofighter Typhoon, in a bid to maintain production into the next decade.

Sweden Trains to Defend Its Neighbor in Finland's Biggest Air Drill


This week, the Finnish Air Force is carrying out its biggest tactical training event of the year, the Ruska 17 drills. This year's Ruska also marks the first time that the Swedish Air Force will practice defending its neighbor.

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