July 14, 2017 Military Aviation News

Exclusive: Malaysia shelves plan to buy new fighter jets - defense source


Malaysia has put on hold a $2 billion plan to replace its aging fleet of combat aircraft, looking instead to upgrade its aerial surveillance capabilities to confront the growing threat of militancy inspired by the Islamic State group, a source with knowledge of the matter said.

France and Germany Want to Build Their Own 5th Generation Fighter Jet


France and Germany have announced their intention to work together to develop a new advanced "European" fighter jet. Though the final plan is still in the works, the decision appears to be wrapped up in a number of political and economic considerations and could potentially see the end the German military’s interest in the controversial F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

US approves new systems for Australian Super Hornets


The US State Department has approved a potential electronics upgarde for Canberra's fleet of 24 Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter aircraft. The contractor for the deal is Harris Corporation, which would provide 32 MIDS JTRS tactical radio systems, and 39 AN/ALS-214A (V)4 countermeasures systems, says the Defense Security Cooperation Agency.

Russian Aerospace Forces to Get New Electronic Warfare Complexes at MAKS-2017


Russia's Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern, part of the Rostec state corporation, says it would hand over new electronic warfare complexes to the country's Aerospace Forces at the International Aviation and Space Salon next week.

Indian Air Force Jets Slated to Have Beyond-Visual-Range Strike Capacity by 2018


India’s Tejas light combat aircraft is armed and ready with I-Derby missiles for downing other aircraft, according to The Diplomat. The missiles have been integrated into the plane’s weapons suite but have yet to finish testing, which is slated to happen by year’s end, Flight Global reported.

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