February 06, 2012 Military Aviation News

Rafale win leaves UK smarting


Last year, a group of Indian journalists were taken on a tour of BAE System's Warton Aerodrome on Britain's northwest coast, where Eurofighter Typhoons for British and Saudi contracts were being assembled.

Mexico is Adapting its Military to meet the Cartel Threats


Woe is the diplomat who uses the wrong word, no matter its veracity. Over the past year, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Undersecretary of the Army Joseph Westphal separately have used the word "insurgency" to describe the Mexican government's fight against indigenous criminal cartels.

Viewpoint: Restructuring military - time to get it right


Today’s active-duty force, a legacy of the Cold War, is simply too large for the nation’s needs, a tremendous waste of dollars. In restructuring, however, we simply cannot afford to apply the same business model used over the past 60 years and expect different results. Getting it right will require a new approach.

Why India chose Rafale


When Pratibha Patil travelled to Europe last October, she and others in her entourage had a pleasant surprise in the sky. At one point along the air space that the President’s flight was using, half a squadron of Eurofighters appeared on both sides of her Air India plane. In the graceful style of these sleek war machines, they escorted the presidential aircraft to its safe landing at Patil’s next destination. Even so, those manning the Eurofighters could not resist showing off.

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