July 30, 2010 Military Aviation News

Iran warns West against 'unwise' acts


Unwise acts in the Middle East at the hands of Western powers will be met with a "crushing and decisive response," an Iranian commander said.

AZ, FL, UT, VT to get Air Force's new F-35 fighter


The U.S. Air Force has chosen bases in Arizona, Florida, Utah and Vermont as homes for the military's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, prompting applause from officials banking on the pricey new combat jets to supercharge their communities' economies.

Russia revives Caspian Sea Monster


The Russian government has commissioned the renewal of the “Caspian Sea Monster,” the legendary ground effect vehicle (GEV). Only 30 such crafts were built in the Soviet Union over two decades.

Russian Tu-95 strategic bombers set new flight duration record


Two Russian Tu-95MS Bear-H strategic bombers have carried out a record-breaking 40-hour patrol over three oceans, an Air Force spokesman said.

Missing Russian pilot freed in Sudan


The missing pilot, who disappeared after a Russian helicopter was hijacked in Dafur, has been freed, a senior Russian lawmaker said on Thursday.

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