Boeing Delivers Final C-130 Avionics Modernization Program Test Aircraft

Boeing - 7/20/2010

SAN ANTONIO, July 19, 2010 -- Boeing [NYSE: BA] on June 30 delivered the last of three test aircraft for the U.S. Air Force C-130 Avionics Modernization Program (AMP) system design and development contract.

Boeing made the final delivery one week ahead of schedule after the aircraft completed a successful functional check flight on June 25. The test aircraft was flown by a joint Boeing and Air Force crew from the Boeing facility in San Antonio to Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark., where it will be prepared for programmed depot maintenance. The two other C-130 AMP test aircraft are on their way to Robins Air Force Base, Ga., for programmed depot maintenance.

"C-130 AMP is now ready to transition to low-rate initial production [LRIP]," said Mahesh Reddy, C-130 AMP director for Boeing. "This is a significant development for Boeing and the Air Force, as it is the most comprehensive avionics upgrade for the C-130 in its 50 years of Air Force service."

C-130 AMP improvements include a fully integrated, night-vision-goggle compatible, digital glass cockpit and new digital avionics that increase situational awareness and enhance safety. The AMP upgrade also brings avionics commonality to the C-130 fleet and flexibility in assigning aircrew, regardless of aircraft model. A total of 20 AMP kits will be installed during LRIP.