Israel Aerospace Industries Presents Various New Technologies and Products at Singapore Air Show 2010

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will present a wide variety of its advanced technologies and products at this year's Singapore Air Show, taking place from February 2nd – February 7th, 2010 at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

ELTA Systems Ltd., a group and wholly owned subsidiary of IAI, will present a number of models or mockups of their advanced radar systems, including the EL/I-3150 Multi-Mission Airborne Reconnaissance & Surveillance System, designed to operate as a fast-deployment, all-in-one task force; the EL/I-3001 Airborne Integrated SIGINT System, a multi-platform, multi-mission signal intelligence system presented on the Gulfstream G550 aircraft; the EL/I-3360 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, which provides comprehensive situational awareness and maritime domain superiority; the EL/M-2248 Multi-Function Surveillance, Track, and Guidance Radar, which delivers high quality situation pictures and weapons support for the new generation of naval platforms; the EL/M 2060 radar targeting pod, which delivers high quality radar images of ground targets and terrain under all weather conditions; and the EL/M-2160 Missile Approach Warning System, which warns of incoming missile attacks.

In addition, ELTA will be exhibiting their EL/M-2022 UAV Maritime Patrol Radar System, which features automatic detection and tracking of maritime surface targets at all speeds and produces high quality radar images; the EL/M-2055 Synthetic Aperture Radar/Ground Movement Target Indicator (SAR/GMTI) Payload system, which provides an advanced solution for all weather applications onboard manned and unmanned aircraft; the El/L-8385 Integrated UAV Electronic Support Measures/Electronic Intelligence System and the EL/K-7071 Integrated UAV Communication Intelligence System, both of which are used to disseminate intelligence reports and provide tactical and strategic intelligence; the EL/K 1891/2 Satellite Communication Network; the EL/K-1895 Man-Portable SATCOM Terminal, a lightweight terminal providing communication with all network subscribers, including over-the-horizon; the ARC-840 Airborne Protected Communication System, providing air-to-air, air-to-ground, and ground-to-ground voice and data communications; and the EL/L-8265 Compact Radar Warning and Locator System, designed to intercept, measure, identify and accurately locate all radar types.

IAI's MALAT Division will present a number of its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems and solutions, and will also demonstrate medium altitude long endurance (MALE) UAVs, mini UAVs, and unmanned helicopter systems.

Some of IAI/MALAT's products at the exhibition will include a model of the Heron TP, a MALE UAV with a multi-mission platforms including multiple operational configurations and an extended performance envelope.

Members of IAI's Bird Eye Family, including the Bird Eye 400, 600, and 650 will also be displayed. This kind of mini UAV provides real-time day/night imagery, data for urban operations, and over-the-hill intelligence.

A model of the Naval Rotary Unmanned Air Vehicle (NRUAV), IAI's solution for maritime multi-layered intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions operated by unmanned helicopters from a ship deck will be exhibited.

A model of the new generation Aerial Tanker and Air Refueling System, which can be integrated on B707 and C-130 aircraft, will be exhibited at the show. IAI is now offering conversions of new generation platforms, such as the B767, to multi role tanker transport aircraft.

IAI's Tamam Division will be presenting the newest members of its plug-in optronic payload (POP) family – a small electro-optic (EO) payload designed to meet short distance observation requirements – including the POP300LR "Observer", a new member of the POP family which provides long range observation, pointing and tracking for ground and sea missions; and the POP300D "Designator", a compact, lightweight payload of observation and laser designation missions.

Tamam will also present its mini POP Ultra Lightweight Compact Multi-Sensors Stabilization EO System; the micro POP Stabilized Payload; the Multi-Mission Optronic Stabilized Payload MOSP 3000; the TMPAS High Accuracy Navigation System, a self-contained hybrid land navigation system performing self alignment and survey; and the ADNAV Small Lightweight Navigation System, a lightweight inertial system for all types of tracked and wheeled platforms.

In addition, IAI's Systems Missiles and Space Group will exhibit its Laser Homing Attack Missile (LAHAT) for precision attacks. The LAHAT is a multi-mission missile fired from a wide variety of land vehicles, helicopters, and tanks. IAI's MLM Division will display the Tactical Helicopter Rehearsal Autonomous Safety and Training System, based on integrated technologies and offering a live training, safety and debriefing system for attack and utility helicopters.