Sukhoi PAK FA

Stealth multirole fighter
Max Speed
2,100 - 2,500 km/h / 1,300 - 1,560 mph
Max Range
5,500 km / 3417 miles (Ferry range)
Span 14 m / 46.6 ft Length 19.8 m / 65.9 ft Height 6.05 m / 19.8 ft
Max. Takeoff 37,000 kg / 81,570 lb
2× New unnamed engine by NPO Saturn and FNPTS MMPP Salyut of 175 kN each. Prototype with AL-41F1 of 147 kN each, definitive version with new engine >157 kN
None on prototype. Apparent provision for a cannon (most likely GSh-301).Possible two 30mm cannons, two auxiliary internal bays for short range AAMS and six external hardpoints
India (Ordered), Russia (Ordered)
Aircraft Overview:

For years, western audiences (and even some eastern) have been exposed to only two operational 5th generation fighters, Lockheed-Martin's F-22, and their F-35 lightning. Many people have seen these as the pinnacle of fighter technology. That all changed when the Sukhoi T-50 made its first appearances in early 2010, emerging explosively into a world dominated by American fighters. There is little data available on the fighter and even less information about its performance statistics, but going on Russia's experience with aviation design in the past, and the features seen so far on the Pak Fa, this new fighter is clearly no pushover.

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