Soko G-2 Galeb

basic trainer
Max Speed
439 kt / 505 mph
Max Range
1,240 km / 771 miles
span 9.73 m / 31 ft 11.1 in
length 10.34 m / 33 ft 11.1 in
height 3.28 m / 10 ft 9.1 in
empty 2,620 kg / 5,776 lb
maximum take-off 4,300 kg / 19,480 lb
one 1134-kg (2,500-lb) dry thrust Rolls Royce Viper 11 Mk 226 turbojet
two 12.7-mm (0.5-in) machine gun with 80 rounds per gun; provision for 150-kg (331-Ib) bomblet containers, 100-kg (220-lb) bombs, 127-mm (5-in) rockets, and 55-mm (2,17-in) rocket-launcher pods carried on underwing racks
Libya, Serbia, Zambia
Aircraft Overview:

The G-2 Galeb is a reliable light attack jet known for being the first indigenous Yugoslavian aircraft to enter service production. Although it saw limited export success outside of Yugoslavia, the G-2 Galeb remains in service today 50 years after its maiden flight, a testament to the endurance and reliability of the design. Although its primary purpose was (and is) to provide basic and intermediate training, the G-2 Galeb achieved fame as a favourite mount of many American "antique" warplane collectors. Although they only remain in service with three air forces, the Galeb designs inspired a number of successful variants, attack aircraft and trainers which have appealed to a wide number of air forces.

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