Northrop-Grumman B-2 Spirit

two/three-seat strategic 'stealth' bomber and missile-launch platform
Max Speed
416 kt / 475 mph
Max Range
18,532 km /11,515 miles
span 52.43 m / 172 ft 0 in length 21.03 m / 69 ft 0 in height 5.18 m / 17 ft 0 in
empty 45,360 kg / 100,000 lb max. take-off 181,437 kg / 400,000 lb
four 8618-kg (19.000-lb) dry thrust General Electric F118-GE-110 turbofans
up to 22,680 kg (50,000 lb) of disposable stores carried in two side-by-side lower-fuselage weapon bays; each bay can accommodate one eight-round Boeing Rotary Launcher for a total of 16 1.1 megaton B83 thermonuclear free-fall bombs; alternative loads are 20 megaton-range B61 thermonuclear free-fall bombs, or 22 680-kg (1,500-lb) or 80 227-kg (500-lb) free-fall bombs
United States
Aircraft Overview:

Of all the aircraft in the world, the B-2 is likely the easiest to recognize on sight, which is ironic since the American government spared no expense keeping it secret until the first of several prototypes flew. This stealthy aircraft was designed in a way that hostiles could not anticipate its arrival, but its 22,600 Kg bomb load and a multitude of nuclear missiles would ensure they'd know when it had arrived. Named the B-2 Spirit, its advantage in battle is derived from its designation spirit; It operates like a ghost.

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