Lockheed Martin SR-71A Blackbird

strategic reconnaissance aircraft
Max Speed
1,737 kt / 2,000 mph
Max Range
4800 km / 2,983 miles
span 16.94 m / 55 ft 7 in
length 32.74 m / 107 ft 5 in
height 5.64 m / 18 ft 6 in
empty 27,216 kg / 60,000 lb maximum take-off 77,111 kg / 170,000 lb
two 14,742-kg (32,500-lb) afterburning thrust Pratt & Whitney JT11 D-20B (J58) bleed-turbojets
United States
Aircraft Overview:

The Blackbird appears to be the first interstellar space-ship to enter service with the US air force. One of the worlds most distinctive aircraft for its completely unique shape and menacing black/black-red paint scheme, the SR-71A is the fastest "conventional" aircraft ever built (With the SR-71A, the word conventional must be applied liberally). Along with the U-2, the Blackbird has been the most successful reconnaissance aircraft produced by Lockheed's concentrated Skunk Works. However, the ability to outperform a MiG-25 did not come without a serious amount of development and testing. Each SR-71A mission is physically exhausting for its crews, who require the same credentials as an astronaut to fly this jet. All systems have to be reinforced and stress-tested to prepare them for Mach-3 flight. And with its looks and a maximum service ceiling so high it's practically in orbit, there is no surprise that it gets similar treatment to the space shuttle.

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