FMA IA 58A Pucara

close-support and light attack aircraft
Max Speed
270 kt / 311 mph
Max Range
350 km / 217 miles
span 14.50 m / 47 ft 6.9 in
length 14.253 m / 46 ft 9 in
height 5.362 m / 17 ft 7 in
empty 4,020 kg / 8,862 lb
maximum take-off 6,800 kg / 14,991 lb
two 729-kW (978-shp) Turbomeca Astazou XVIG turboprops
two 20-mm Hispano MS 804 cannon with 270 rounds per gun and four 7.62-mm (0.3in) FN M2-30 machine-guns with 900 rounds per gun, plus provision for up to 1500 kg (3,307 Ib) of disposable stores carried on three hardpoints
Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay
Aircraft Overview:

No matter how large or well-equipped it is, an army always needs to be able to call upon strike aircraft to quickly dispatch targets too dangerous for the infantry to defeat on their own. The IA-58 Pucara has provided South American nations such as Argentina with an inexpensive, easily maintained attack aircraft that can direct a sizeable load of munitions at a target of opportunity. The abundance of insurgents and similar hostiles constantly threatening the countries operating IA-58s will continue to ensure the Pucara a lengthy service life in the future.

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