Dassault Rafale

multi-role combat aircraft
Max Speed
1,150 kt / 1,324 mph
Max Range
1,093 km / 679 miles
span 10.90 m / 35 ft 9.125 in length 15.30 m / 50 ft 2.375 in height 5.34 m / 17 ft 6.25 in
empty 9060 kg / 19,973 lb maximum 19,500 kg / 42,990 lb
two 7450-kg (16,424-lb) afterburning thrust SNECMA M88-2 turbofans
one 30-mm DEFA 791 B cannon, plus provision for up to 6000 kg (13,228 Ib) of disposable stores carried on 14 external hardpoints
Egypt, France, Croatia, Indonesia, India, Qatar, Serbia, United Arab Emirates
Aircraft Overview:

A fighter whose characteristics resemble its name, the Dassault Rafale ("Squall") is one of the most capable 4.5th generation fighters in service, and arguably the most potent European aircraft operating from carriers. Designed in both navalized and land-based versions, it replaced aircraft in Armee De L'Air (French air force) service that could only be described as legends themselves, such as the Mirage 2000 and Super Etendard. Unlike many newer combat aircraft, the Rafale has seen combat in multiple conflicts, although primarily in the Middle Eastern theatre. It has chiefly served with France, but a multitude of countries have shown interest in the fighter. It has a fairly promising, though not spectacular, export potential due to competition from F-35s, Gripens, Typhoons, and possibly even the Su-35.

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