Dassault Mirage V

day visual fighter-bomber
Max Speed
1,030 kt / 1,188 mph
Max Range
4,000 km / 2,485 miles
span 8.22 m / 26 ft 11.6 in
length 15.55 m / 51 ft 0.2 in
height 4.50 m / 14 ft 9 in
empty 6600 kg / 14,550 lb
max. take-off 13700 kg /
30,203 lb
one 6200-kg (13,668-lb) afterburning thrust SNECMA Afar 9C turbojet
two 30-mm DEFA 552A cannon with 125 rounds per gun, plus provision for up to 4000 kg (8,818 Ib) of disposable stores carried on seven external pylons for various combinations of weapons and/or tanks, including Magic or Sidewinder AAMs
Argentina, Congo, Democratic Republic of the, Chile (Elkan, Pantera), Colombia, Egypt, Gabon, Libya, Peru, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates
Aircraft Overview:

The second combat jet to be produced in the acclaimed Mirage series, the Mirage V combined a simple design, ground attack capabilities, and long endurance into a cost-effective package. Originally intended to serve only with Israel, the Mirage V has been a massive export success in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Europe, as well as France's Armee de L'air itself. The French air force operated no fewer than 50 Mirage VF models, all originally intended for Israel. This cheaper derivative of the Mirage IIIE all-weather strike fighter sacrificed avionics for range and load-carrying capacity, and was extremely practical for theatres with clear weather.

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