Dassault Mirage F1

multi-role fighter and attack aircraft
Max Speed
1,150 kt / 1,320 mph
Max Range
900 km / 560 miles
span 9.32 m / 30 ft 6.9 in length 15.30 m / 50 ft 2.4 in) height 4.50 m / 14 ft 9 in
empty 7,600 kg / 16,755 lb max. take-off 16,200 kg / 35,714 lb
one 7200-kg (15,873-lb) afterburning thrust SNECMA Afar 9K-50 turbojet
two 30-mm DEFA 553 cannon with 135 rounds per gun, plus Matra Super 530 and Matra Magic or sidewinder AAMs and attack loads as described for the Mirage F1C
Ecuador, Gabon, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Spain
Aircraft Overview:

The Mirage F1 put its own spin on the Mirage tradition of cost-effective, light-weight fighters: swept wings. Despite being the only non-delta winged Mirage fighter ever put into production it became an instant hit, with orders coming from France, Libya, South Africa, and many other countries. Quick, agile, and with surprisingly high performance for its size, the F1 proved itself to be a capable combat-ready package that could take on fighter, attack, and even anti-shipping roles its clients acquired it for. Still flying today 45 years after the original prototype took to the skies, the Mirage F1 is an all-too-noticeable reminder that the light fighter can still pack a heavy punch.

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