Alenia Aeronautica M-346 Master

Advanced trainer / light attack
Max Speed
1,255 km/h / 779 mph
Max Range
1,890 km / 1,181 miles
Span 9.72 m / 31 ft 9 in Length 11.49 m / 37 ft 7 in Height 4.76 m / 15 ft 6 in
Empty weight 4,610 kg / 10,165 lb, Max takeoff weight 9,500 kg / 20,945 lb
2× Honeywell F124-GA-200 , 27.8 kN (6,250 lbf) each
Nine hardpoints for a variety of guns, bombs, rockets and missiles
Israel (Selected), Italy (15 aircraft on order ), Singapore (12 aircraft on order)
Aircraft Overview:

In today's world, there is now an abundance of very advanced fighter and multi-role aircraft. From the F-22 to the F-35 to even the Rafale, Su-35 and F-16IN. Aircraft like these with advanced electronics and great manoeuvrability require pilots to train in an aircraft that will ready them for 4th and 5th generation combat. The M-346, adequately named "Master", is one of the most ideal trainers for the role. While sharing the features of its sister aircraft, the Yakovlev Yak-130, it is equipped with electronics and equipment that even passes that of the Yak-130 in some areas. The M-346 will truly prove to be a master of the skies in the 21st century.

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