May 23, 2023 Military Aviation News

Portugal will avoid supplying F-16 fighters to Ukraine


During a meeting with his European Union counterparts in Brussels, the head of the Portuguese diplomacy considered his nation lacks available combat aircraft to send to Ukraine, although it is open to train pilots for the F-16s, according to television reports. Portugal does not have an unlimited number of combat aircrafts, only the necessary ones, in order to fulfill national defense tasks and commitments within the framework of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the official noted.

Japan’s fighter jet ambitions soaring with GCAP


In December 2022, Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom signed an agreement to partner in the development of a sixth-generation stealth fighter aircraft. The goal of the Global Combat Air Program (GCAP) is to produce aircraft ready for export and deployment by 2035. This represents a new frontier for Japanese weaponry co-development and is a prime opportunity to enhance regional security cooperation.

Air Force Will Pick Just One NGAD Design in 2024, Kendall Says


Only one company will be chosen next year as the overall designer and developer of the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) crewed fighter, despite years of prototype work on different designs by several companies, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said May 22.

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