September 22, 2022 Military Aviation News

Despite Biden's assurances, Middle East militaries are buying their own weapons to take on Iran at sea and in the air


Iran's military moves in recent weeks have captured worldwide attention, stoking concern among rivals in the US and across the Middle East. On September 1, Iran's navy briefly seized two US Navy unmanned surface vessels in the Red Sea, succeeding on its second attempt capture a US drone within a week.

Saab to Provide Support Services for South Africa’s Gripens


Swedish aerospace giant Saab has been awarded a contract to provide maintenance support for the South African Air Force’s Gripen fighter aircraft. The agreement covers component repairs and minor updates to ensure that the Gripens can continue supporting various missions. According to company business unit head Åsa Schöllin, the contract reflects South Africa’s trust in Saab’s ability to support global customers’ operational needs.

Argentina eyes $664 million for fighter jets


Argentina’s government has told lawmakers that it plans to spend about $684 million to procure new fighter jets and build related infrastructure. The information, provided last week in response to questions from the Defense Committee within the Deputies Chamber, came from the chief of the Cabinet of Ministers, Juan Manzur, and the office of Defense Minister Jorge Taiana.

AFA NEWS: Loyal Wingman Drones Could Offset Decline in Fighter Squadron Capacity


With its fighter squadron capacity dwindling since Operation Desert Storm, the Air Force must advance the development of unmanned aircraft that can fill the gap, the head of Air Combat Command said Sept. 21.

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