May 12, 2022 Military Aviation News

Is Putin's invasion stalling in the Donbas?: War expert JUSTIN BRONK says the battered Russian offensive is FAILING in eastern Ukraine and desperate Putin faces failure after taking '60,000 casualties'


Vladimir Putin's Donbas offensive is faltering due to heavy losses and Ukrainian resistance and may even collapse if Russia is unable to muster up significant new combat power, military expert Justin Bronk writes today. Despite the Russian president refocusing efforts from his failed Kyiv offensive to eastern Ukraine, Russia has so far failed to make significant ground in the Donbas region.

Australia’s New MC-55 Peregrine Electronic Warfare Jet Breaks Cover (Updated)


The first known photo has surfaced of Australia’s newest intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare aircraft, a highly modified version of the Gulfstream G550 business jet, as is seen at the top of this story. The aircraft, dubbed the MC-55A Peregrine by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), was spotted flying from Gulfstream's plant in Savannah, Georgia.

Thales to equip US Air National Guard’s F-16 fleet with Scorpion HMD


Thales has received an order to supply its Scorpion Helmet Mounted Displays (HMD) for the US Air National Guard’s F-16 Falcon combat aircraft fleet. The initial order has been placed under the Nato Support & Procurement Agency’s Aviation programme. The contract under the programme aims to facilitate the procurement of Scorpion HMD and other associated equipment by Nato nations.

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