September 14, 2020 Military Aviation News

China set to launch ‘Dadagiri’ at sea, soon to launch third advanced aircraft carrier – China to launch third type 002 advanced aircraft carrier in late 2020 amid tensions with India and the United States


China is preparing to launch its third forward aircraft carrier amid growing tension with India and the United States. This Class 002 aircraft carrier will be the third such warship in China. The construction of this aircraft carrier is almost complete. China’s official media outlet Global Times quoted defense magazine Ordnance Industry Science Technology as saying it could be launched in late 2020 or early 2021.

US Offers India ‘Air Dominance’ Fighter Jets That Can Even Outdo F-35s In An Aerial Dogfight


Developed by American aerospace juggernauts Boeing, the twin-seat fighter jet possesses a deep magazine that can carry an array of advanced weapons on board and overshadows its predecessor F-15s and even the mightily F-35s because of its Open Mission Systems (OMS) architecture.

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