July 29, 2020 Military Aviation News

Russia threatens to respond to flights of US military aircraft over Black Sea


The State Duma of the Russian Federation promised to respond to the flights of American military aircraft over the Black Sea, registered in the last five days. First Deputy Head of the State Duma Defense Committee, Hero of the Russian Federation Andrei Krasov stated this in a comment to Interfax agency on July 27.

ACC Awards 3 Companies Contract for Adversary Air Support


Air Combat Command on July 21 awarded three companies contracts worth up to $433.6 million to provide 5,418 annual sorties of adversary air support at five bases over the next four and a half years, a command spokesperson told Air Force Magazine. The contracts with Airborne Tactical Advantage Company, Tactical Air Support, and Draken International are the first to be awarded under the larger Combat Air Force/Contracted Air Support indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract,

Chengdu J-20: PLA’s fifth-generation puzzle


China has never been shy of flaunting its military prowess. Special military drills and airshows have been a regular feature for the PLA. China often showcases its flagship, all-weather, fifth-generation stealth aircraft; Chengdu J-20. Inducted in the PLA in March 2017, J-20 is the world’s third fifth-generation operational aircraft after F-22 and F-35.

The Royal Air Force Is Running Out Of Options. It Needs To Buy More F-35s


The Royal Air Force faces a reckoning. In coming years, the service will have to decide what kind of air force it wants to be—and acquire the aircraft to match that purpose. The RAF must choose between optimizing itself for high-intensity warfare against a technological foe—in other words, Russia—or tailoring its forces for low-intensity operations.

2 Russian aircraft suspected of violating Finland's airspace


Two Russian military aircraft are suspected of having violated Finland's airspace close to its capital city of Helsinki, Finland's defense ministry said Tuesday. The ministry said in a brief statement that two Russian Su-27 fighter jets allegedly violated Finland's airspace over the Gulf of Finland, near Helsinki, at around 2 p.m. local time (1100 GMT), Tuesday afternoon.

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