February 08, 2020 Military Aviation News

PAF Mirage Aircraft on Routine Training Mission Crashes in Punjab


An accident with a Mirage combat jet has taken place during a training flight near Shorkot city, Punjab province, according to Pakistan news website Arynews. A Pakistan Air Force Mirage aircraft has crashed near Shorkot during a routine training mission, local media reported. The Air Headquarters has formed a committee to investigate the causes behind the crash, Pakistan news website Arynews reports.

F-22 Stealth Fighters Make History with Extreme Cold-Weather Remote Refueling


Pilots typically never like to see an aircraft's fuel gauge tick down to almost empty -- especially if they are flying one of the most expensive fifth-generation stealth fighters in the world. Recently, F-22 Raptor pilots from the Pacific Air Forces' 3rd Wing simulated refueling in a remote location -- a necessary ability should they ever need to touch down and fill up before returning to battle. And special tactics airmen made it possible.

Russia says plane 'almost hit' by anti-aircraft fire in Syria


According to a statement quoted by Russian media, the plane was about to land in Damascus when Syrian anti-aircraft fire responded to an alleged Israeli attack early on Thursday. The Airbus 320 then diverted to the Russian airbase of Hmeimim in north-western Syria, the ministry said. More than 172 people were on board.

Why fighter contenders must keep cool in Finnish HX battle


Buying a new fleet of fighters is a huge decision for any nation: not only due to the high capital cost of making such an acquisition, but also because of the heavy responsibility of selecting the right type to defend its citizens for 30 years or more.

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