November 24, 2019 Military Aviation News

Britain‘s new £120m F-35B Lightning stealth jet is declared ready for combat


‘Don’t mess with us!‘ Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson warns Putin as Britain‘s new state-of-the-art £1billion stealth fighter squadron roars into front-line service. Gavin Williamson has warned Britain‘s ‘enemies‘ including Vladimir Putin not to ‘mess with’ Britain now that the RAF‘s new fleet of supersonic stealth fighter jets are combat ready.

The J-10 Fighter is China’s F-16 (And Now Its For Sale)


China has been showcasing its Chengdu J-10 Vigorous Dragon single-engine fighters prominently since 2018. The latest J-10C model is comparable with modernized variants of the classic American F-16 Fighting Falcon tactical fighter with capabilities including beyond-visual-range engagement, precision air-to-ground strike, digital glass cockpit instruments, in-flight refueling and electronic warfare.

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