November 04, 2019 Military Aviation News

US, South Korea To Skip Vigilant Ace Drill To Support Denuclearisation


United States and South Korea are expected to again skip their yearly winter air drill as they did last year in order to extend support to the present denuclearization talks with North Korea, according to a source. As mentioned by the South Korean News Agency, there is a mutual understanding among the military forces of the two countries to delay the Vigilant Ace air exercise which is scheduled to take place in the month of December.

The U.S. Military is Sending Thousands of Troops and Even B-1 Bombers into Saudi Arabia (To Counter Iran)


On October 6, around fifty U.S. commandos in northeastern Syria tasked with hunting down ISIS forces were withdrawn from territory near the Turkish border controlled by the Kurdish-Arab SDF faction. The U.S. withdrawal was a prerequisite for a Turkish attack against the SDF which subsequently took place. The remaining hundreds of U.S. forces elsewhere in northeastern Syria were endangered in the crossfire and had to be withdrawn a few days later.

Draken Rolls Out First of 22 Mirage F1M Jets Destined For Aggressor Role In “Digitized” Camouflage Scheme


A former Spanish Air Force Mirage F1M, now registered N574EM, is about to move to Nellis Air Force Base to start providing advanced adversary services to the U.S. Air Force. In a pretty cool digital paint scheme. The role of Aggressors is to train fighter pilots in the most realistic way: the must fight aircraft that are as analogous as possible to the real threat.

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