November 02, 2019 Military Aviation News

MiG-27 aircraft to fly into sunset on Dec 31


The Air Force’s MiG-27 strike aircraft would fly into the sunset on the last day of this year, bringing to an end the era of ‘swing-wing’ fighters in the IAF. IAF sources said the fleet is formally being retired on December 31 and a ceremony is being organised at the Jodhpur airbase, where the last remaining MiG-27 outfit, No.29 Squadron, also called Scorpions, is based.

How Air Force maintainers maker sure the F-35 stays a 'stealthy beast'


How do you make a 51-foot-long, 35-foot-wide fighter jet, with an engine that generates 43,000 pounds of thrust, vanish? You don't. There's no black magic that exists to make something that big disappear. The F-35A Lightning II isn't invisible, but it does have a "cloak," which makes it very difficult to detect, track, or target by radar with surface to air missiles or enemy aircraft.

NATO Code Name “FELON”: Russian Su-57 Gets Its Reporting Name, And It Couldn’t Be Better


It couldn’t be better even if the late Tom Clancy were to have written it, and we have to believe he is smiling down from the tactical high ground of the afterlife. The latest Russian 5th generation “stealth” combat aircraft, the Sukhoi Su-57, was assigned an official NATO reporting name this week: “FELON”

Hurlburt Field to get new aircraft


The U.S. Air Force has taken another step toward bringing a small number of new aircraft to Hurlburt Field as part of the service’s light-attack aircraft initiative. The Air Force hinted at the purchase of up to six light-attack turboprop aircraft earlier this year, when it included $35 million in its budget request for the fiscal year that began Oct. 1. However, the federal defense funding bill that would provide money for the purchase remains tied up in congressional wrangling.

Indonesia plans to buy two squadrons of F-16s, but also Su-35s


The Indonesian air force plans to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 Viper fighters, while also following through on its plan to purchase a squadron of Russian’s Sukhoi Su-35s. Jakarta plans to make the formal request for the aircraft on 1 January 2020, Marshal Yuyu Sutisna, air force chief of staff, said to local news agency Antara on 28 October.

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