September 11, 2019 Military Aviation News

US bombs ISIS-'infested island' in Iraq, new video shows


U.S. jets bombed an ISIS-“infested island” in northern Iraq Tuesday, according to new video and a statement from the U.S.-led coalition battling the terrorist group. More than 80,000 pounds of laser-guided bombs were dropped on the island located on the Tigris River south of Mosul, according to U.S. Army Col. Myles B. Caggins III, a spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, based in Baghdad.

Polish Mi-24 modernisation offer details emerge


Poland is being offered a locally developed modernisation package for its land forces' Mil Mi-24 attack helicopters, with updates to include replacement avionics and new weapons. An integrated avionics system would incorporate new head-up and multi-function displays and the update’s developers are also proposing the installation of a Rafael Toplite electro-optical/infrared sensor turret.

KL studying possible Su-30MKM replacement


Kuala Lumpur is studying options for replacing its Sukhoi Su-30MKM fighters, but its poor acquisition record suggests a long process. Media reports from Malaysia quote defence minister Mohamad Sabu as saying that studies about new jets are underway, with an eye to replace the jets with new aircraft from Russia - he did not mention specific types.

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