January 02, 2018 Military Aviation News

Stealth War Analysis: F-35 vs Russia PAK-FA, Chinese J-20


An F-35 Joint Strike Fighter would be able to use its sensors, weapons and computer technology to destroy Russian and Chinese 5th-Generation Stealth fighters in a high-end combat fight, some service officials said.

Bangladesh to build two air bases


Bangladesh will build two new air bases to further strengthen its Air Force. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made the announcement after inspecting a parade on Sunday by young Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) officers in Jessore, 164 km from Dhaka, Xinhua news agency reported. She said steps were on to establish the new air bases in southern region of Barisal and in Sylhet in the northeast.

Russia's Military Is Proving Just How Dangerous It Really Is (And Testing New Weapons)


Russia this month announced another draw-down from its combat operations in Syria, which began on Sept. 30, 2015. The Russian military will retain troops in the country, likely indefinitely, where it has demonstrated the capabilities of new weapons and tactics — which together show it has learned from its shortcomings in past operations.

F-35 may see combat in 2018


After a very long and problematic development process, the F-35 Lightning II is about to serve on the front lines. The US Marine Corps is deploying the F-35B (the short takeoff and vertical landing variant) to ships in the Central and Pacific Command theaters in the spring and summer of 2018. The 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit is traveling aboard the USS Essex, which is headed to the Middle East, while the 31st will be attached to the USS Wasp and might head to the coast of North Korea.

The Gremlins are coming! US military to test 'flying aircraft carriers' that can launch swarms of tiny killer drones in 2019


They were the mischievous creatures blamed for causing mechanical failures and faults on aircraft during World War Two - before starring in a hit film as destructive monsters. Now, the gremlins are back - as a new type of killer flying drone. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) research arm is pitting Dynetics and General Atomics (maker of the Predator drone) against each other in a contest to make the craft.

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