October 08, 2017 Military Aviation News

War Analysis: US vs China


The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission is now reviewing expert proposals to provide a one-time unclassified report on China’s development of advanced weapons. The Request for Proposals seeks unclassified, open-source assessments of specific Chinese weapons systems and areas of ongoing technological inquiry.

India needs an upgraded, two-front Air Force


The recent standoff between the Indian and Chinese Armies at Doklam reinforced India’s need to develop and maintain the capability of fighting a two-front war. The two fronts, of course, being China and Pakistan, with which India has had long-standing border disputes.

Afghan president, U.S. general vow ambitious air war to defeat Taliban


With a just-delivered Black Hawk helicopter sitting on a military runway behind him, Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, vowed Saturday that “a tidal wave of air power is on the horizon” in the war against Taliban insurgents and that “this is the beginning of the end for the Taliban.”

India to Soon Float Global RFI for Single Engine Fighter Aircraft


The Indian Air Force says it is focussing on the immediate purchase of single-engine aircraft despite the pressing need for twin-engine fighter jets too as the former costs less and they would make up for the shortage at the moment.

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