September 14, 2017 Military Aviation News

Russia Has Deployed Its MiG-29SMT Multirole Combat Aircraft To Syria For The Very First Time


The Russian Air Force has deployed some MiG-29SMT multirole combat aircraft to Hmeymim airbase, near Latakia, in western Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed on Sept. 13, 2017. It’s the first time the modernized version of the baseline Fulcrum jet is deployed to take part in the Syrian Air War.

USAF awards Boeing $600M contract toward Air Force One


The US Air Force awarded Boeing a $600 million contract to begin preliminary design work to modify two 747-8s to replace the Air Force One fleet, the service announces on 13 September.

WATCH: South Korean Cruise Missile Tested in Show of Force Against North Korea


South Korean warplanes tested the precision and efficacy of German and Swedish made air-launched cruise missiles Wednesday morning as the standoff on the Korean Peninsula continues.

Belarus to Manufacture Defense Equipment under Make in India Program


India would immensely benefit from military cooperation with Belarus as it would ensure transfer of high-end Belarusian technology for upgrading Soviet-era tanks and military equipment.

The 2 Things That Could Make Japan Increase Military Spending (No, Not North Korea)


Amid talk of Beijing and Moscow playing a role to defuse the confrontation with North Korea, actions by China and Russia’s air forces around Japan would seem to be adding pressure on Tokyo to boost military spending. Russian and Chinese military aircraft are probing Japanese air defenses at a rate not seen in over a decade, causing repeated scrambling of Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) jets.

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