April 20, 2017 Military Aviation News

Sikorsky and RCAF no closer to finding fault on Cyclones


The Royal Canadian Air Force and Sikorsky appear no closer to finding the root cause of a failure with a flight control computer that has left its fleet of CH-148 Cyclone maritime patrol helicopters grounded since 10 March.

Boeing pulls out of Belgian fighter competition


Boeing will not compete its F/A-18 Super Hornet to replace Belgium’s fleet of Lockheed Martin F-16s, the company informed the nation's government this week. In a statement, the airframer says it will not participate in a 19 April bidders' conference, nor respond to Brussels' request for proposals for the new fighter.

USAF leaves behind two F-35As during Lakenheath deployment


Two of the six Lockheed Martin F-35As deployed by the US Force Lakenheath AB last week were left behind in the UK as their squadron mates made the return trip. An USAF pilot noticed a possible refueling issue on one F-35A and decided to hold back deploying both that aircraft and its wingman, says Lt Col George Watkins, commander of the 34th fighter squadron. Watkins called the check a routine safety precaution.

Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Fly Near Alaska for Second Night in Row


US military has tracked two Russian nuclear-capable bombers near the coast of Alaska for a second night in row, according Fox News. Following a similar incident on April 17, the Russian planes appeared close to the Aleutian Islands on Tuesday night, Fox News reported citing US officials.

US Supercarrier Carl Vinson to Spend 30 Extra Days at Sea Near Korean Peninsula


Carrier Strike Group One Commander Rear Adm. Jim Kilby said that supercarrier Carl Vinson will spend additional 30 days at sea to ensure US military presence off the Korean Peninsula.

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