March 12, 2012 Military Aviation News

AAFB: Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program Underway Overhead Through April 10


Approximately 550 military aircrew personnel and four squadrons of F-18s (VFA-102, VFA-115, VFA195 and VFA-27) from the Naval Air Facility at Atsugi, Japan, are on Guam this week for the Strike Fighter Advanced Readiness Program. The training excercise begins TODAY, March 12 and runs through April 10.

Chinese military spending a concern


The Chinese government has just announced its plan to boost defense spending by 11.2 percent this year (The Jakarta Post, March 4). China may be reacting to the increasing US military presence in Asia-Pacific region, particularly after President Barack Obama last November revealed a plan to establish a new Marine Corps base in the Northern Territory of Australia, to be manned by 2,500 troops.

Yemen officials: US airstrikes hit al-Qaida area


Yemeni military officials said Sunday that U.S. aircraft carried out four airstrikes in a southern province where al-Qaida-linked militants control several key towns. Two military officials said the airstrikes targeted Khanfar Mountain near the town of Jaar in Abyan province, where al-Qaida is in control. There was no comment from U.S. officials.

Drones on beach patrol


SMILE, you're on camera. That's what holidaymakers on North Stradbroke Island will be saying if a plan takes off to get tiny unmanned planes to patrol beaches. It is hoped Australian surf lifesavers will add the robotic "eye in the sky" aircraft, called Unmanned Aircraft Systems, to their arsenal of rescue equipment in May.

Military Points to Risks of a Syrian Intervention


Despite growing calls for the United States to help stop the bloodshed in Syria, senior Pentagon officials are stepping up their warnings that military intervention would be a daunting and protracted operation, requiring at least weeks of exclusively American airstrikes, with the potential for killing vast numbers of civilians and plunging the country closer to civil war.

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