July 15, 2010 Military Aviation News

Threatened Israeli strike on Iran would lead to regional war, report says


The ultimate nightmare scenario could soon become a reality.

The Air Force Needs a Serious Upgrade


The United States Air Force has long been the envy of the world's militaries—sleek, high-tech and lethal to all who opposed it. Now, at a clandestine military base that serves as the headquarters for the Afghanistan air war, you stare at the rows and rows of decades-old planes and wonder how those things manage to make it into the sky.

In a First, Full-Sized Robo-Copter Flies With No Human Help


In mid-June, a single-turbine helicopter took off from a test field in Mesa, Arizona, avoided obstacles during flight, scoped out a landing site and landed safely.

Russia refuses to rule out expanding Kyrgyz air base


Russia's Air Force chief said on Tuesday he refused to rule out the expansion of an air base in Kyrgyzstan.

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